For the love of

camaraderie and competition.


Our organization consists of members voted in by peers. The group's common bond is based on a love for the game of golf, a competitive spirit and the passion for growing the game among our area's junior golfers.


The AGA has rich history of supporting junior golf in the Augusta area.


From the beginning, our founders have had a foundational purpose of supporting junior golf. Our flagship event, The 3M Augusta Invitational at Forest Hills Golf Club has been a premier collegiate golf tournament since 1979. Some of the best golf teams in the country have competed in the event's 38 years of history, featuring several touring pros and future hall-of-famers.


It's about the golf.


We host competitive events like our annual member-guest Jamboree, Summer and Fall Trips, Sunday Dogfights and standing weekly tee times. The game of golf is what brings us together.